Thursday, October 01, 2009

Freeview Retuning aftermath

The Sony TV handled the re-tune with aplomb. with the Humax I tried to remove those moved or blank channels and simply re-tune those back in. This it did, but bolloxed up the entire ordering system because, thank you very much, they hadn't just shifted frequencies they messed around with the channel numbers too.

So I would have to go back in delete those and re-tune again. Sod that I just went for a full re-tune. Of course this meant losing all my scheduling after all you can't record a programme for a channel that doesn't exist. Due to the current crap level of TV that wasn't a hardship and back in they went except one. FlashForward on FIVE.

I recorded the first one on Monday but have yet to see it. So I moved through the EPG and picked the second one next Monday. The series link then set itself for the repeat tomorrow and the repeats on FIVER. So that's three extra recordings a week.

Another clever bit was with ITV2+1 that moved from 27 to 33; yet 27 was still available and showing EPG information. Turning to it it came up with a 'We have moved to 33 retune your box' message. Okay but why's the channel still transmitting and why is the tag for 33 ITV rather than ITV2+1?

Well done there people another smooth transit.