Monday, October 12, 2009

Gilgal electric work?

Do you all still have your booklets from STW? Well take a look at the description for phase 2. "Work continues to replace the water mains and the street lighting" Now a little bird whispers in my ear that not only has no electrical work been done here, but that none was every scheduled by the contractors.

Could this be the reason they're apparently ahead of schedule? Also adds fuel to the fire that the work is only being carried out to accommodate the future needs of the Tesco store.

Of course it could be a mix-up of the definition of electric work; does "lighting" count? Look at phase 3, however, "The work to finish the water pipes renewal and the electricity cable work" so is that a continuation of electrical work that hasn't taken place or simply bad phrasing and it meant that "electricity cable work" would be done rather than finished?