Thursday, October 22, 2009

PS3 Control for HDMI

Still getting to grips with my new Sony 32W5whatever HD television and spotted an oddity. If the TV is left in standby mode when I turn on the Sony Blu-ray player it also turns on the TV and changes to that input. If I turn on my PS3 it doesn't (nor incidentally my SCARTed PVR although that will switch to the correct input*).

Which means finding the remote and fiddling with the input button, annoying. Now unofficially it seems that the PS3 will switch with some televisions and not others, but officially from Sony's own manual this feature only exists in the CECH-2000 model series... which would be the new PS3 Slim.

I'll call them up to confirm this, but if so how dumb.

[Update - One phone call later and a brief time on hold while she consulted with a specialist and the Word of God is to try using the HDMI3 input. "Ah now see I thought I'd make sure this worked by using the HDMI1 slot, silly me" so not a wasted call, and at least I made her giggle and laugh]

[Update - Big surprise that didn't work either]

*which is fun when I'm playing my PS3 and the PVR turns on to record something as it overrides the signal and I get a black screen for two seconds.


Orphi said...

Perhaps you can explain to me why every single God-damned time my mum turns her TV on, it's always on EXT1? There's nothing plugged in to that input, so why does it keep selecting it?

For that matter,

1. Why does it take 30 takens for the TV to turn on?

2. Why does it take 30 seconds to change input?

3. Why does it take 45 seconds to change input to HDMI1? [The only input with something actually plugged in.]

Well that was totally worth spending half my year's income on then…

FlipC said...

Give us the make and model and I might proffer an answer.

As to the delay in start-up, mines takes approximately 10 seconds from a cool standby, and then at other times in exactly the same circumstances will switch on straight away.

As for inputs mine will default to the last known. So AV1, switch on blu-ray and HDMI2, switch off blu-ray and back to AV1; another reason why the lack of an auto-switch for the PS3 is a pain as it sticks to that input.

Why yours is sticking to EXT1, sounds like a menu thing, what've you got plugged into HDMI1? Oh and do you have an aerial plugged in, might be defaulting to EXT1 with no aerial?

Orphi said...

The TV is Samsung, but helpfully there are no model numbers printed on it.

HDMI1 is the only input with anything plugged into it. I swear to God when we first got the TV, it used to work properly. But now it insists on defaulting to the wrong input for some reason…

FlipC said...

Really does sound like someone's changed a setting somewhere.

Orphi said...

It does, which is puzzling; there aren't any settings you can change, as far as I can tell…

FlipC said...

Nothing in the manual?

Orphi said...


Hahaha, you think this thing comes with a manual??

Well, I think there was a 2-page thing showing you which cables to plug in, but that was about it…

Seems to be a common way to cut costs these days, doesn't it? Personally, if I just paid hundreds of pounds for something, I don't find that especially amusing. But hey, it's a TV I guess. What's the worst that could happem™?

FlipC said...

I'm surprised - software, sure; might as well slap the instruction manual on the disc too.

For a television though; heck my old Samsung DVD player came with a A4 sized 20-odd page manual so it ain't that particular manufacturer.

I've just visited the UK Samsung site (just Google it) hit Support/Downloads and tapped through Television LCD and then picked the first off the list and found a User Manual.

Now I know you said there was no model number, but at the least you'll have a serial number somewhere and that often incorporates the model in some fashion.