Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Gilgal - Mitton block the road?

Okay here's something to ponder - when the roadworks finally finish at Gilgal they'll start work on Mitton Street. That means they should be blocking off access from Gilgal and redirecting traffic down to the island to do a 360 (in the same way the traffic from Baldwin Road is forced to turn left).

So here's a question - is this better than allowing the traffic to join directly from Gilgal. We locals know that everyone stops at that junction from Worcester Road despite it not being a priority, but we also know the speed in which vehicles round that corner and dart past can be damn intimidating.

So if that section was permanently blocked off they'd be no queue from Mitton Street to the island, and Gilgal traffic still has right of way over most of the rest of the traffic at the island. To facilitate this the island needs to be lowered so you can actually see the traffic on it and the exit from Worcester Road needs to be merged into one lane; both of these being things I think should be done regardless.

Oh and as an afterthought might stop any future large lorries bound for you-know-where using Gilgal if they can't turn completely at the island.

Anyway be something to observe when Phase 3 starts