Monday, October 26, 2009

PS3 freezing games

In an effort to tip myself over to level 8 I ran through some sections of Force Unleashed. Since the trophies came out I've been playing it on the hardest setting.

Glad the Bratii weren't around at the time as much swearing ensued with the Shaak Ti fight until I finally beat the b****. However the worst problem came from the game locking up.

Now there is one particular section which has always been troublesome just after you find your old home and yes that locked up. Also couldn't get into the training rooms to remind myself of the controls.

Me being me I worried that it was my PS3 giving up the ghost, or that new hard drive. However I consoled myself with the knowledge that only two games consistently lock up. Okay three I've had one other game freeze, but that was due to a mark on the disc so it doesn't count.

Anyway the two games are Force Unleashed and Fallout3. Now Fallout 3 I can forgive, it's damn complicated and needs to keep track of a ton of information; Force Unleashed on the other hand. Well let's just say it seems so poorly written that it requires a load screen to switch from the options menu to the 'change something' menu. Want to change your Abilities, then you need to load up the Abilities menu, then when finished load back the main option screen, then load up the Lightsaber screen if you want to change that, then another load back to the main screen, then load up the costume change screen and then a load back which takes you back to the main game.

Oh wait not where you started from oh no; if you change costumes you have to go back to the last autosave point (it does warn you about this though). Oh and costume changes don't show up in cut-scenes which must be pre-rendered using the game engine.

I don't know of any other game that requires a loading period between menus.

Anyway these are the only two games that regularly require a reboot of the console, one a linear corridor-style level platformer type game, the other a sprawling sand-box RPS; make of that what you will.


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