Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mitton Street closure update

Got a letter at home from Severn Trent Water detailing the closure. Um don't SWT read  or watch the news - there's a postal strike going on. The only piece of mail we've had a work today was one of Royal Mail's own promotional 'Buy Festive Stamps'.

As of this morning still no signs up warning people about the closure.


SteveS said...

Been going through all Gilgal news and leaflets to find out where I saw thing about diversions if they had to close Mitton Street during Phase 3. Have finally found it. It is on the Shuttle Roadworks Information page. The one with the traffic lights to tell you severity. As below.
A4025 Mitton Street Stourport-On-Severn
Both ways between Gilgal and A451 Lion Hill
Last updated 1 week ago
One lane closed due to roadworks on A4025 Mitton Street both ways between Gilgal and A451 Lion Hill. Expect delays. Occasional full closures with a diversion route involving Gilgal and Vale Road. Traffic using the Gilgal will not be able to go straight into Mitton Street due to this lane closure.Until 8th November.

12.00am Wed 14th Oct 09
until 11.59pm Sun 8th Nov 09

As you can see, it says full closures will be served by diversion via Gilgal and Vale Road. New I saw it somewhere! To be honest, I can't find any mention of this on Council, Balfour or Severn Trent websites, so maybe someone at the Shuttle got inventive.

Dan H said...

Hmm, a road closure with no advance notice by signs on the road or in the post? Must be like being a cyclist. One of the many reasons to avoid cycle paths is the frequency you get halfway down them and then have to dismount and/or go back on yourself because of unexpected roadworks. It's little things like that that makes you stop believing Council or Government hype about making it easier for people to lose their car-dependence.

FlipC said...

@Steve - See told you only one mad person allowed on here. I agree no official source is stating this and without extra works or traffic control I can't see how it would be feasible anyway.

@Dan - Heh though I'm sure you'd admit in most cases both cyclists and pedestrians can get past roadworks, a little difficult for a car or a truck. But it is a good point for pedestrians, I'm trying to recall any signs informing me of future closure of footpaths and failing.