Friday, October 09, 2009

Stourport in the news - Gilgal

One thing I forgot to mention about the dinghy report was the end sentence regarding the work itself. Apparently it's ahead of schedule and will be complete by the end of the month. So when was it supposed to be finished... that'd be the end of the month.

So either they're wrapping up Phase 2 early and can complete the four-week scheduled Phase 3 in two to three weeks or someone never expected Phase 2 to finish on time.


SteveS said...

Its looking promising down there. On my walk home, I observed two tarmac lorries and the guys were filling in the holes outside the Total garage, over the Stour bridge and down to the island. I reckon something is afoot for maybe next week!

FlipC said...

I don't know if you've heard David Gunson's "What goes up might come down", but in it he relates the story of a French air-traffic controllers strike that started on a Friday. Over that weekend they had to redirect all the planes around France - what fun. On Monday in desperation he phoned up his French equivalents and asked to route traffic back through France. "Mai Oui, we came back to work Saturday... it's been very quiet"

IOW they may well finish next week, but will they tell anyone ;-)

SteveS said...

Know where you are coming from. It normally happens this way, you get to know by word of mouth, then you try it and find it closed again and hear that its only open at certain times of day or for one day and then closed again. Hopefully "The Wyre" and other media will keep us up to date. Is there a council website update page? I have found things before on the County Council site about roadworks, but they don't seem to update very quickly.

FlipC said...

A slightly more official source says they're going to try to open Monday, but that's not a definite.

I have the links for the official roadwork pages but not on this my PS3 :-)

FlipC said...

No news that I've heard. Re-reading your comment, the only pages I have are the County ones that show the schedule and the weekly and monthly works. As far as I know the District has none as it's a Highways (County) matter.