Monday, October 12, 2009

Traffic lights at OGL/Parsons Chain island

Apparently in a feat of "What the hell" over the weekend workers have switched the roadworks to the other side of the Worcester Road leading to Mitton Street.

So they've set-up traffic lights at the island. Why the need for lights? Well as they're forcing everyone down the 'wrong' side of the road they need to force all the vehicles around the island the wrong-way to line them up correctly.

Now unless these works are starting right at the very junction there's no need for this. You simply let the traffic move as it's been doing and then shift it to the right and then back to the left to enter Mitton Street.

To my mind this is connected to the mysterious Arrow sign at the entrance pointing traffic into the lane they would normally be using anyway had the works not been there. Are the contractors under the impression this is a one-way system?

Anyway expect delays from the traffic trying to turn right into Hartlebury Road whose reaction would be to travel normally, and joyous fun from any long lorry trying to do either that or round the island the wrong way to line up to Mitton Street.

Really is this some sort of universal law of roadworks - If there are two means of affecting traffic, pick the most difficult and/or confusing?

I'll get a closer look tonight. If indeed the works do start at the junction, fair enough; if not I'll make a phone-call to the Highways Agency.


Phil Lench said...

I came that way from the Wilden direction Saturday evening and didn't realise what was going on.

A couple of cars in front of me, the lights on green and I stayed on the left hand side of the road because no one had told me (via a sign) anything different.

Went to head for the Town centre and saw the exit blocked so I had to head for Worcester and did a quick U turn in Vales entrance, as did the car behind.

Lucky it was quiet because I wouldn't have been able to swerve and turn back as quickly as I did.

FlipC said...

In that case that makes two directions in which it's not signposted well; or at all.

From Worcester Road the first thing you know about it is when you hit the cones forcing you to the right.

I will say though that there is an actual trench at that point so the cones are justified.