Monday, October 26, 2009

Postal strike

Causing a lot of fuss, but imagine what the situation could be like if the Royal Mail was a private business given a contracted licence by the government to collect and deliver the mail?

For the sake of argument we also need to imagine politicians in charge that don't have spines of jello; so a very far-fetched postulation.

So the postal workers go on strike, mail isn't collected or delivered and the government steps in "Breach of contract, sort it out or we'll remove the licence and award it elsewhere". Lose the contract and all the workers are out of a job, piss off the workers too much and they'll stay on strike losing you the contract. I expect compromise to be reached darn quickly.

But of course we don't get that, the government isn't go to switch monopoly providers; if the workers hold out they'll still be jobs for them so the only people to suffer are us, the ones to whom they are supposed to be providing a service.

On the plus side talking to an LBO from TNT they've never been busier.