Thursday, August 20, 2009

Veronica Mars on E4 take 2

As mentioned I switched to recording the 11am slot of Veronica Mars in the hope that a fixed start time would allow me to record the entire damn programme consistently. So how's that worked out?

Monday: Record 11:00-11:54. Programme starts 21 seconds in from record start and taken to end credits (mouse to WB logo switch) finishes with a time of 51:33.

Tuesday: Record 10:59-11:59. Programme already started misses "Previously on" runs to same point in end credits and finishes with a time of 52:52 though obviously programme should be longer.

Wednesday: Record 11:00-11:54. Programme starts 30 seconds later runs to end and misses end credits record ends with a programme time of 53:42 though again obviously should be longer

Thursday: record 11:00-11:59. Programme starts 1:30 minutes later runs to end credits and finishes 54:07.

So variable start times, variable end times and variable lengths. Gosh that sounds like the idle time to use some sort of start/stop signal doesn't it?