Friday, August 28, 2009

Some template changes

As you may have noticed I've changed the template slightly and added a third column. I've been unhappy with the placement of some of the elements particularly having to scroll down so far to get to the "Previous Rantings" and "Labels" while also wanting to keep the most current comments and links near the top.

Obviously it's a bit wider, but hopefully should still fit reasonably neatly into a standard resolution; seems to work under the major browsers (first time too which came as a surprise). Oh and of course because of the width change the top rounded background picture no linger fills the entire width, please bear with me.


Harriers9 said...

Looks ok to me Flip.

At least you can change your sidebars. In my WP blog if I add a widget into the sidebar the other content in that bar vanishes.

FlipC said...

Good to know. I'm vaguely impressed with myself as I've just looked at it from another computer with a standard screen and basic 1024 resolution and it fits fine.

Shame about WordPress is there no way to access the raw template itself?