Monday, August 24, 2009

Severn Trent Water departments

Kicked one of the tenants out last week and found they'd left us a mess. An attempt to tidy up led to the discovery of no water. Stop-taps were duly twiddled with no success so this led to a call to my second most favourite utility company Severn Trent.

Obviously no account number but hey with a business name, a postcode and a unit number how hard could it be?

I phoned the main number I had and after much on-hold they stated that they wouldn't disconnect unless asked to. Oh and then they finally found the property which was listed as "not a property" oh that helps.

So I tried a different number one I had from that fuss over the meter numbers when they threatened to disconnect a meter they couldn't find.

Oh will you look at that - this department finds the property, gives me the account number and helpfully tells me that yes indeedy they'd disconnected the water.

The account is going to be switched over and they'll contact us as to when it'll be reconnected - oddly although they disconnected it without gaining entrance to the property, they can't reconnect it without that access. Ah well at least they'll call first.

[Update - an hour later they called to say that someone had been over and reconnected it. So points for speed, though I think it helped that we knew they had someone in the area already]