Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Gilgal Roadworks - 5

Yes yes I'm going on about it, but I had a thought and a quick five minute search reveals the answer. The thought was "What have our local parties to say about the forthcoming Gilgal fiasco?" I turned to what should be the main and most up-to-date source of each party - their official website and to tag along their proposed MP's site too.

Areley Kings Labour - nothing.
And the MP site - nothing.

Wyre Forest Conservatives - nothing. Oh no wait there is a story regarding pushing back roadworks and closures that'd be Bewdley though and a story about Lichfield Street (which I can't directly link to).
And the MP site - a static page about the Stourport Relief Road (nothing about how the plans have been scrapped).

Wyre Forest Liberal Democrats - nothing.
And the MP site - nothing.

Wyre Forest Liberals - nothing
No MP site.

Independant Community and Health Concern - Yes oh yes we have a hit headed Stourport Roadworks. Deserves quoting in full

ICHC councillors brokered a meeting in the town council chamber to enable the main contractor involved in the extensive, and highly disruptive, 'Gilgal' road-works - originally planned to take place in the middle of the summer-holiday peak-congestion period - at ICHCs request, to explain the situation.
This meeting was also attended by some of the town's business community.
Cllr. Holden chaired the meeting, stating it was at Jim Parrish's request that it was convened.

The town's trades-people were appeased by the start date being put back to the 18th Sept; however, no consideration was given to ingress and egress of school pupils, mainly to the High School and Tan Lane sites.
ICHC have referred this to Colin Weeden in the Education Dept. in the expectation that satisfactory arrangements can be made before the start of the autumn term.

The general public have yet to be consulted in this affair and ICHC have requested that the Worcs. County Council press office release the news to the public.
So far they have been preoccupied with broadcasting quotes from various (Tory) County Councillors to media outlets.

Stourport residents are unhappy at the whole situation and the total lack of direct communication by the W.C.C. to all those who will will have their lives disrupted by this very important period of
re-constructive work.

To recap the roadworks can't be moved to January because they want to take advantage of the lighter nights and are worried about leaving residents without utilities during these months... unless you live in Bewdley in which case roadworks scheduled for April can be pushed back until next January because "it was felt that would affect popular events attracting tourists to the town, such as the carnival and Discover Bewdley weekend". And when did they want to start the roadworks in Stourport - oh yes during the carnival.

So of the five political groups in this District one is concerning themselves with Stourport. Oh and before they start whinging about how they've no representatives in Stourport or it's a County decision so it's nothing to do with them you ain't going to make any friends by ignoring it

Gee ICHC help set up the Millfields Action Group and ICHC apparently help broker a meeting about Gilgal; which political group seems to be putting their money where their mouths are and who would you want to vote for? I've been trying to stay apolitical but dammn!


LEMONE said...

I am hoping to start a petition to try and get access from the town centre to Worcester and Hartlebury roads via 2 way traffic down Vale Road and Mitton Street. I have the support of the Mayor, John Holden and Mile Salter, Chairman of Wyre Forest. If you or anybody else you know would like to sign it or help with getting signatures, please let me know

FlipC said...

Problem is I can't see that ever been implemented because it would create more hassle for them than simply keeping one lane of Gilgal open.

If you look at the markings on the road there seems to be no indication that they'd be working in both lanes at the same time and as I've mentioned they managed to keep Sandy Lane open while work was being done there.

On the other hand producing a plan that would create much more hassle for them, might make them reconsider an easier solution.

Where's the petition being kept?

Anonymous said...

There seriously needs something to be done about the road access to SOS. We live on the 4025 which is the main road from 449 in SOS. WE have excessive traffic coming down, huge lorries that do not respect the 40mph limit (neither do cars). The roadworks have made our live peaceful as no one bothers to use the road now they cant get into town. Some other roads need to be introduced maybe beind the old sugar beet factory to eas the volume of traffic we experience. This would give an alternative route into town for people instead of zooming past our houses from as early as 4 am!

FlipC said...

Not to mention the cars encroaching on your lane as they come around the corners. Almost got my side scraped this morning by something wide hurtling around a corner.

In all sympathy it's damn easy to push the limit at times along the 4025 without realising it as you switch gradients.

There was talk about connecting the 451 to the 449 around that area; presumably to encourage users off the route into Stourport and to keep users on the 449 for Kidderminster. Tav on the WFA did some mock-ups of potential routes. I've heard nothing since.