Monday, August 24, 2009

Stourport stuff 2

Managed to have a wander around town on Friday noticing the number of empty shops that seems to be growing. On the plus side I poked my head into the new photography place opposite the old Job Centre - Essential(?) Enterprise Photography. He seems to be still setting up the retail side of things with stocks of goods that aid those who wish to continue a hobby of photography but can't for some reason; I'm guessing those with the shakes (heh like me at times) or those with physical impairments. Other stuff will be coming, but it seems at the moment to be a studio.

So if you're looking for that professional photo feel pop on by.


Dan H said...

What kind of photos of you does the shopkeeper have that you keep advertising his shop? ;) I'm surprised you're not telling us you can get the same stuff cheaper in Jessop's, or that if he charges you for 10 photos he means 10 exposures of which he prints 1. (I was struggling to think of a relevant con.)

FlipC said...

Heh, just trying to do my bit for local businesses; it's nice to get a variety of services.

For print services we've got Stourport Photo Centre; they also sell cards/film, but aren't a studio AFAIK.