Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Gilgal Roadworks - 4

Another piece of the jigsaw comes from someone I won't name in case it can be traced to the source and repercussions await.

As we are no doubt aware multiple events will be occurring at the Gilgal Fiasco and one of these will be the replacement of the lamp-posts.

So now I get reliable information that the scheduling for the replacement of these lights has not yet been set. That is the firm contracted to perform the task have yet to be told when they'll be doing it.

Now we're being told that everything is being done for us, to minimise disruption etc. but it seems there's a lose hand on the tiller and when that happens past experience tells me that works tend to over-run. So five weeks without Gilgal minimum.

Also as I doubt it'll show up on a search of the Shuttle site I'll append here my comment to the tesco plans which may have relevance.

Slightly off-topic, but does anyone think that we'd be looking at a complete 5-week closure of Gilgal if a Tesco had already been built there or would WCC hear the howls of protest from their executives all the way in Worcester?
My guess shut-down Gilgal in those circumstances - as if.