Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Inadvertent consequence of Shuttle email facility

Checking through the Shuttle I read DaTa's entry on Fifth Columnists and thought to make a comment.

Now most systems allow you to access a feed of comments; or, when you add a comment, allow you to be emailed when someone else adds to it. The NewsQuest system uses a button you can press. Now I've always found this a tad annoying as you can type your comment then realise you want to see replies and then press the button. At which point the page reloads and your typing is removed.

As such I've got into the habit of pressing the button before typing. In this case after a re-read of my comment I decided not to post it and navigated away. So imagine my surprise when I get an email informing me that someone's added a comment to that entry.

It seems that the button press is independent of posting, so you can get email alerts on comments without having to add one yourself; that's actually not a bad feature.