Thursday, August 27, 2009

GCSE Results

Normally I wouldn't enter into the debacle of 'Are exams getting easier?' but it was a response by Vernon Coaker MP from the Department for Children, Schools And Families on GMTV that drew my attention.

We'd come back from the obligatory school results opening ceremony and Penny had pointed out a newspaper article to Mr Coaker about a return to O-Levels, she stated that some schools were choosing other methods of testing. The response?

Well a quick snippet about how GCSEs are widely recognised and then the ye gods listen to yourself statement that the Headmistress of the school featured was quite happy with them.

Really, you mean the person responsible for the school whose funding and standing is based on the results her pupils achieve is quite happy with a system that sees ever-increasing numbers of her pupils pass? I am surprised.

Another amusing snippet came from the Conservatives who apparently are worried about the widening gap between those failing and those passing hehehe Conservatives concerned about the equivalent of the haves and have-nots it is to laugh.