Thursday, August 27, 2009

Gilgal roadwork notices up

Someone's been a busy beaver we've got signs on the approach to the OGL Island from Worcester Road and Hartlebury Road, A sign on the approach to Gilgal from Vale Road and [scratching head] one halfway along Lion Hill which wouldn't be affected as they're not closing that section as far as we've been told so would only make a difference to those heading back through Gilgal who would see one of the other signs.
[Oh and additional they've placed it at the far side of the Boat Shed houses which means you can only see half of it until you're right on top of it - nicely done guys]

I'm sure there's also one from Minster Road to Gilgal, and possibly one from Worcester Street.

As you might expect it's a big fat chunk of text that you can't read in one pass unless you purposefully slow down. Essentially it's warning of delays... sorry delays? Don't you mean closure because that's what we've been told? Anyway delays on certain stretches of road including my favourite "THE GIL GAL" Gah!

No seriously when they start work I'm tempted to ask to see their permission to dig and point out that while they're allowed to dig up "The Gilgal" or even "The Gil Gal" they're not allowed to dig up "Gilgal" and are presumably digging up the wrong road. Hey that's the sort of nitpicking we have to put up with when signing forms in triplicate; time to pay them back.

[Update - I just re-read the notices in the paper and dammit it's a constant "A451 Gilgal" so I can't challenge the legally obliged notices and I'm betting that's what's on the forms too. Theoretically I could be petty enough to challenge the roadside notices for talking about "The Gil Gal" but I don't think that'll wash.]