Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Predicting people

Welcome to my new game of "What happened next?" I give you a situation and any necessary background and you guess What happened next.

Situation 1: WCC have resurfaced a road and packed up, but oh no they haven't painted any road markings because that's a different division. Now given that this is a well-used road and that the WCC have gone on record that they prefer to work at this time of year due to the lighter nights when do you think the repainting work started?

Situation 2: You're in a van heading around a corner and into a swan neck curve that has a staggered junction at its end past this is a long straight stretch of road. As you come out of the first swan neck curve you hear a noise that suggests one of your side doors isn't quite shut properly. Where do you stop to check?

Okay answers -

1: If you said they'd start the work later in the evening while it was still light and traffic was less heavy - wow you are an optimistic soul.
If you said they'd start during the morning rush-hour I like the cut of your jib, you're so close take 5 points.
If you said they'd start during the evening rush-hour well done take 10 points

2: If you said that you'd wait until you passed the next curve and were clear of the junctions and stopped on the long straight stretch of road then I'm sorry you get no points.
If you said you'd stop on the next curve directly between the two junctions and in clear sight of the long straight stretch of road congratulations you get 5 points.
As a bonus - If you guessed that this is also where the bus-stop has been set-up have an extra 5 points.

Nope still not getting people at times.