Friday, August 28, 2009

Gilgal parallels

It's Summer Bank Holiday and we all know that means road and rail works. Now I've already agreed that in fact this really is the best time to do such work as plans tend to be more mutable, but a Liberal Democrat MP popped onto GMTV with something interesting to say (shock horror ;-) )

"It's just complacent, just easy, for Network Rail to shut a line; it suits them"
Gosh does that sound familiar folks? Of course Worces.... sorry Network Rail came back with how they examine every circumstance only do it when there's no other choice and a whole heap of other excuses most of us probably don't believe any more.

Because we know that the easiest course is the one they seem to take, we know that when utility companies talk about "minimising disruption" they mean minimising their disruption. Seriously what are we going to do about it, switch water supplies - can't; switch energy suppliers - not them who's in charge of the grid. They're only accountable to the council (except when it's an 'emergency' when they can do what they like) who in turn is accountable to us. If you don't like the way the councils are dealing with things just vote them out... in four years time.