Monday, July 16, 2012

Battlefield Bad Company 2: Sony PS3 Parental Restrictions.

Bratus Major bought "Battlefield Bad Company 2" recently to go with his new Playstation 3. No problem with buying it as it is quite clearly a 16 certificated game. Problem when he sticks the disc in as it prompts him for the parental control PIN code.

How odd as this is, to state again, a 16 game and his restriction level is 7 which according to Sony's own documentation is the correct level for that age; why would it be having problems?

Because the disc is set to a restriction level of 9 (i.e. 18-age). Why is this the case - contact EA and boy do you get the runaround.

Firstly they knew nothing about it. Then it was because he was trying to play it online and you have to be 18 or over to play online due to EU directives except a) that's crap* b) there's a single player game aspect to it and c) it asks when you stick the disc in regardless of whether you're even connected to the internet.

Next they said that level 7 was for 13 year-olds and that the restriction level should be bumped up to 9 I pointed them to Sony's own documentation and asked them what would the purpose of parental restrictions be if we just set the level to the equivalent of 18 for a 16 year-old?

Finally they insinuated that it couldn't be a UK bought game and thus required proof in the form of photos of the box and disc.

Well proof has been emailed to them and they say they'll respond within 2 weeks; let's see what excuses they try to pull this time.

*So all those Little Big Planet players and PS Home users are doing so illegally?

Update here.

List of other titles that also get this wrong here.


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I have been getting the same message! It's really annoying.

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