Monday, July 16, 2012

Pointless letters from the Royal Mail

"Important Information about your Royal Mail services" the letter starts, except they're not really my services anymore are they, they're your services. Apparently they're modernising the way they operate and this may result in a few changes to the service.

They'll continue to deliver in the morning and for a longer period during the day and many customers will still continue to get their mail by lunchtime, which is a little vague. timing will depend on where you are in the route and will vary depending on mail volume.

Uh-huh in other words you've paid to have a letter printed to everyone to tell us that our post  may be later or earlier than a time we already don't have scheduled.

Okay I'm sure there are some who'd be looking at the time and thinking "The post is a little late" and noting that it seems to be always late now, but given we've slowly become habituated into the post arriving when it arrives wouldn't it have been cheaper just to let those phone in to complain and explain? Sure it's pre-emptive and darned polite of you to tell me, but I have to wonder at the cost to do this compared to the minor inconvenience of dealing with the few people who are likely to notice?