Friday, July 20, 2012

Ian Tomlinson verdict - WTF

So we know the police were involved and we know that no charges were going to be made before they changed their mind after the verdict that he was "unlawfully killed" and now finally the completely expected verdict of not guilty of manslaughter.

To remind manslaughter (involuntary) is where death is caused without intention through either recklessness or criminal negligence. By returning a not guilty verdict the officer has been vindicated that it was perfectly legal to hit Mr Tomlinson with a baton using "excessive and unreasonable force" and was the correct course of action to take in the circumstances despite the officer himself confessing that it was "wrong" to have hit and pushed him.

So with that verdict and a court giving up all rights to constrain the military let's see how many people get legally beaten to death or shot during the Olympics.