Wednesday, July 04, 2012

The Tom and Katie divorce

Is religious upbringing a legitimate reason to press for a divorce? With the Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes situation it has been suggested that we have one parent worried about the the other pressing their child into a religion that they themselves may have no faith in. A religion that is almost constantly in the news regarding their methods of indoctrination; the activities of its leaders and its apparent blind worship of one man whose word is apparently law.

Given that neither parent wishes to compromise by keeping things secular; perhaps divorce is the only option. I mean I can certainly see why Tom would be worried about Katie having enrolled their daughter in a Catholic school.

Seriously though check the media and it's all about how Katie doesn't want Tom getting their daughter involved in the 'crazy' religion that is Scientology, but nothing about how Katie is getting their daughter involved in the 'crazy' religion of Catholicism.

As has been said many a time "The difference between cult and religion is just a matter of time."

[Update - Daily Mash]