Monday, July 23, 2012

Just make the cheque out to...

Anyone recall the The New Statesman episode where Alan B'stard talks about his new charity "Central Amazon Spiritual Healers" with all donations being made out to CASH for short.

This morning on the BBC Breakfast the old cycle of "too much/not enough salt in out diet is killing us" featured a spokeswomen from the "Consensus Action on Salt and Health". No really, even their website happily displays the acronym for all to see.

Really folks are you sure someone at the naming meeting wasn't just having a bit of fun and had to quickly pretend they meant it when the others took them seriously. I mean it is rather horribly contrived; I mean I understand why you wouldn't want CSH and ASH is taken but why not Consensus Action on Salt Intake or Helpful Advice on Salt and Health both pot and twitter friendly.