Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Yet another reason to be ticked off at Apple

So Apple not only require we use their software and keep it up-to-date even if we're not using it with the forthcoming release of the iPhone 5 it seems we have to contend with yet another propriety bit of kit.

Not only is it using the new nano-SIM, only just ratified after the non-Apple contenders offered a compromise, but the connector will switch from the 30-pin used in four iterations of iPhone to a new 19-pin connector.

Bought a new cable? A dock? An in-car charger? Your own portable DJ system? Sorry you'd better hope someone brings out an adaptor.

It's all a little odd considering that the European Commission themselves have asked mobile providers to standardise with the micro-USB format using guidelines that will allow any charger to be used with any mobile phone... I guess Apple didn't get the memo?


Orphi said...

“The common charger will make life easier for consumers, reduce waste and benefit businesses. It is a true win-win situation.”

Erm… no. It's a win for consumers. It's a massive loss of income for mobile handset manufacturers. No longer can they extort £180 out of you for a charger that only cost 0.02p to manufacture.

I'm not seeing anything anywhere which says that anybody must use this thing. Ergo, nobody will ever use it. The financial losses are just too titanic.

FlipC said...

No they don't which is how Apple can get away with yet another connector type - because they're Apple! Anyone else and consumers would get a little shirty with them for using something strange, but not Apple oh no never Apple.