Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Orange Weather on Android

One of the neater little widgets that came pre-installed on my Orange phone was their own weather. At least it would be if it worked correctly.

As I have a limited data package by default I have data transfer switched off and rely on Wi-Fi. This shouldn't be a problem, but whenever I switch signals and check the weather it states

For the first use please deactivate the Wi-Fi function and insure [sic] you are connected on the 3G/Edge Orange network
Except it's not the first use and I don't get 3G/Edge at home which is why I use a Wi-Fi connection. Seriously why the hell does it need to use the Orange signal to get data from AccuWeather every single time the service drops. I can't even refresh it because of the same message.

I could switch to the Met Office widget but it's a 4x1 or a 4x2 rather than a more stylish 2x2 and has forecast update problems.


Dan H said...

You might consider a widget called 'Snowstorm'. It has a variety of shapes (I like the 4x1), downloadable icon sets, and it works fine offline (it downloads a week's forecasts at once, and keeps advancing to the next day even when you're offline). The forecasts come from the Norwegian equivalent of the Met Office, but they're pretty good for this country. The rain forecasts are better than the BBC's in Cambridge.

FlipC said...

Oh yes that's much more like it and it doesn't keep force closing like the Met office one thank you so much that recommendation.