Monday, July 02, 2012

Freeview 4G Fiasco

Oo alliteration, bonus points for newspaper headlines ;-)

So we're all familiar with Freeview then? The digital service the government forced us into switching to in order to drop the analogue service all in the name of providing us the consumer with more and better quality channels and nothing to do with being able to sell off a big chunk of the spectrum to the highest bidder; nope not that at all.

Oh sure the campaign to make it palatable to the masses lied exaggerated the claims; and sure this would mean some people who were perfectly able to receive normal television would no longer be able to get the new service. Yes it meant forking out for new equipment then more new equipment (if you wanted) when they added a new standard, but at least that was subsidised for pensioners and low-income groups. So what if we had to suffer multiple retunings during the switchover we got more channels.

At least it's all over now and we can sit back in comfort knowing that there's going to be no more great upheaval.

Oh you have got to be kidding me! Not only another shuffle, but an addition that may cause interference problems.

I've said it before and I'll say it again - when it comes to technology our elected members are still living in the 1950's


Orphi said...

It seriously looks like these people are just thinking “Hey, why not turn off everything except mobile voice and mobile IP traffic? It's not like anybody watches TV or listens to radio any more. Why would you bother when you can do that over the Internet anyway?”

So which my reply would be “because TV actually fricking works?”

And these are the people in charge of stuff? Dear me…

FlipC said...

Well the plan is to push everyone over to satellite or cable; one satellite broadcasting freesat will free up another chunk of the spectrum for sale.

Of course if the government got it's collective finger out and we had the same internet capabilities as South Korea we wouldn't need any broadcast signals at all.