Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Another reason to be ticked off at Apple

A short while ago a relative of DaBoss came around because he wasn't able to use iCloud. Turns out he was still running iOS 4.1. One 700+Mb download and an hour later and lots or restarts he is now running the latest version.

Then a friend of DaBoss came around with exactly the same problem caused by the same older version. One 700+Mb and another hour later it then throws a wobbly telling me the file is incompatible.

Digging around the reason may be because I'm not running the latest version of iTunes. So the same update worked with the previous phone and previous iTunes, but now suddenly won't?

So not only does it seem not to keep the update files meaning I have to download them every single time, but prior to doing so I have to wait for yet another download to update the software used to get it. Oh and then find I may have to restart the computer due to Apple's crappy QuickTime which I'm also required to download as it integrates to Apple's crappy iTunes.

This is why I went for an Android - no ties to constantly updating software.

I'd also like to point out neither persons own a computer and thus (as I've mentioned elsewhere) couldn't even use their phones when they first obtained them.