Thursday, July 19, 2012

More Olympic failures

Rehearsals for the Olympic opening ceremony are underway and the news services inform us that it's overrunning and thus needs to be cut by around half-an-hour; but why?

Well it's obvious it's to ensure that visitors will be able to catch the last buses and trains. So beyond the fact we've had people looking forward to participating, practising, and proudly informing their friends about their participation suddenly removed the larger question is - really?

We can commandeer blocks of flats without consultation and reserve lanes of the nation's capital, but we can't get the buses and trains to run through the night and morning? Oh wait sorry that is with them running late.

So beyond once again highlighting the abysmal nature of the night service of public transport in this country; no-one thought to run a rehearsal before determining how long it will run and how long to keep the extra staff on for? Eight days to go before an event that will be viewed by billions and they're just doing the rehearsal's now? [Oh hell the camera crew covering it were only appointed this June- gods we suck at this]

Oh and of course this only applies to London's transport network. If you just came down to see the opening and want to get back home outside of London you're as stuffed as you always were.