Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Battlefield Bad Company 2 - PS3 age restriction take 2

It's been a month since I contacted EA regarding the disparity between selling Battlefield Bad Company 2 as a 15 certificate game while internally restricting it as an 18 (level 9) and with no response to my email I gave them another call.

They've changed the support options Star Wars is option 1, FIFA option 2 and problems with the online password is option 3... and? Nope that's it. Neat.

Anyway I got through to Richard who read the case details and then asked for the PSN id.
"You don't need that. It's simple you're selling a game for 16 year olds but internally restricting it to 18 year olds. Now has my cousin managed to buy an illegal game of Amazon or have you messed up?"
"I just want to check the age the PSN account is set under"
"That has nothing to so with this. It's an internal restriction for the PS3 he's playing the single player game and it's stopping him from doing so as soon as he tries to start. The level is set to 7 and the game is set to 9"
"Can I put you on hold for a moment?"
He came straight back
"This is going to take a little longer"
"Okay can you call me back"
"Okay here's my number"

A short while later

"We think it might be a printing error. Our copies show 18 on the box. Are you sure it's a region 2 game"
"Well I sent you photos of the box and disc as well as the BLES number that should tell you"
"Ah yes I can see those now. I see the disc says 18 on it"
"Yes but that's in Blue it's the German rating, and we're not in Germany"
"Ah yes"

So it may be a printing error, which given the age of this game - no-one has spotted before now!