Friday, July 20, 2012

More from our Olympic overlords

Where are we up to so far? Military bases established in residential areas (odd that when our enemies do that we deplore their actions) without judicial oversight. Sponsor's rights of display trumping people's rights over what they can wear regardless of Article 11 of the European Charter regarding freedom of expression. Contractors on the arenas being unable to mention they worked on them; now overturned with a shortened delay. Oh and workers for said contractors being initially unable to purchase food from any other than the official sponsors, now relaxed specifically for them. Particularly bagels.

Now we have the British Transport Police rounding up ex-graffiti artists and allegedly questioning them with regard to offences that occurred 20 years ago. What's this got to do with the Olympics? Well they've been bailed under the terms that they a) can't use any form of railway within London; b) can't carry spray cans at any time and, most telling of all c) travel within a mile of any Olympic area. (Unless that latter has become part of standard bail terms and I wouldn't be surprised if they were)

Beyond placing a large chunk of London out of their reach it's worth pointing out that at least one makes a living from making graffiti art for top companies such as Adidas, um you know one of the Olympic sponsors, and as such the bail conditions appear to prevent him from working. I do hope they weren't planning to commission him for a work celebrating the Olympics.

Let's add in that the pre-emptive arrests that occurred prior to the Kate and Wills wedding have been deemed justifiable and it appears we're the subject of Operation Purge. Remove anyone or anything that could possibly (or just maybe) tarnish the Olympics and us in the eyes of the world; and banish them far away until everything's over.

No doubt that the actual hearings won't be held until after the end of the Olympics and it's a good bet all charges will be dropped

Anyway how long until the police are knocking on Boris' door; surely he's the biggest embarrassment still on offer?


Orphi said...

Let me get this straight — They arrest somebody for something that happened 20 years ago, ban them for the duration of the Olympics, and then quietly drop the charges?

And… everyone is… OK with this…??

FlipC said...

Well yeah because for the most part people don't know it's happening.

It's difficult to weave into a story for a tabloid to tell/sell so it doesn't get told/sold.

Military stuff twists the left-wing's knickers; infringe personal (middle-class) liberties and the right-wing will get involved too; and the bagel ban is simply a rewrite of an "elf 'n' safety gone mad" piece.

A bunch of 'delinquents' getting arrested - who cares?