Monday, April 19, 2010

Potholes filled

The major dip on the approach to Gilgal from the lights around the manhole cover has been filled hurrah!

Knowing this is a major road that will cause disruption throughout the town our intelligent services started early Saturday morning before anyone had awoken and finished by the time they had...

Nah just joking they hadn't started at 7:30 but were working at 9:30 and finished at 11:15. Note that this was going on at the same time as traffic was being diverted in this direction because of Bewdley.

It seems they have been busy as Friday afternoon they filled in some of the holes off Areley Common as it meets Dunley Road; only in the one lane mind you. You still have to avoid the holes as you drive onto it.

Meanwhile the holes on Minster Road on the way out of town are still present, and new ones are forming on the duel-carriageway as you're coming in. Wilden Lane is still... Wilden Lane in all its messy glory and apparently it's bad up at Hartlebury too.

[Additional - One thing I forgot to add this morning was the triple covers by Santa Maria Way, the new ones. One has  forever chi-chinked as you drive over it; this meant it wasn't fitted correctly. It's now collapsed]

As some news person commented - the general election is going on about the huge big things, but what most people want is a road network you can use without your suspension getting shot to pieces.