Thursday, April 01, 2010

The wonderful worcestershire hub

As I've mentioned before the Worcestershire Hub had a revamp meaning all my links became defunct. It gets better.

I was curious about a skip that's been present in York Street for some time I recall checking when its licence expired which I believe was two weeks ago, and wanted to check it hadn't been renewed. Silly me I forgot to bookmark the link location so I used the internal search facility for "skips" ya know as most people would.

The top page returned was correct, or so it seemed. Take a closer look, move down to "How can I check if a skip has a valid permit?" and look at the link there. Note the file name particularly the "06-09" part. Yup this is the list for June 2009 a little out of date.

In fact you need the second link from the search results. Well kinda; you really want the subheading "Current & Future Disruptions" this then gives you a link to Skip Licences.

So that's two lists, one in XLSx format and one in XLS with the latter, older, format being the latest information, but not the first to be returned in a search and not contained in the entire 'skip' section of the hub. Neat!