Monday, April 26, 2010

Damnit itunes

Yep a request to update to version 9.1 brings with it once again the loss of my playlists and once again I have to reimport them, and wait for the album artwork to download, then reselect all the albums and request album artwork for all the ones it missed out as it imported them

Then once again import my Car playlist, and my purchased list.

Just so annoying.


Orphi said...

I guess there's no monetary incentive for them to make it actually work properly.

This is the trouble with the world being money-driven. Producing a quality product doesn't necessarily make you more profit, so why bother? But that leaves all us consumers unable to purchase quality goods.

On the other hand, I don't really see what other model is possible…

FlipC said...

It's a piece of free software they hand out to allow people to spend money with them.

Knowing the joys I had with this last time I downloaded and installed QuickTime separately at 32.3MB.

That didn't go well. Complained that iTunesHelper was running; could I get the Task manager up to end it, could I heck.

One Log off and Log on, and I killed the process and installed QT.

Then went to iTunes and updated, no I don't want MobileMe, no I don't want Safari; thank you for ticking the boxes anyway.

SO I download iTunes and QuickTime... wait a sec this is a smaller file than last time you're not downloading QT at all are you?

No it wasn't. But boy what a slow install. It was quicker to download then it was to install. It shutdown iTunes then paused, then it blanked the iTunes desktop icon and paused, then put it back and paused. Then jumped to the end.

At least it didn't need a restart ;-)