Thursday, April 22, 2010

Stourport High Street resurfaced

I expected High Street to be a mess this morning, after all from past experience what could they accomplish in just one night? They've redone the entire tar section.

However it is now back to the standard black tar rather than the beige coating that we've had for so long and being so fresh it certainly contrasts with the block paving around it. Not only have they resurfaced this area, but they've also repainted the lines they've had to dig up, so the bay markings, the pedestrian points, and the double yellow lines are also back in place.

It's a good job, but as such it makes me wonder why it takes so long to do other similar jobs, why when finished most work goes unpainted for so long, and why having taken the trouble to close this particular stretch of road they didn't repaint the white dividing line to remind people that High Street is in fact two lanes?

Sadly I suspect the answers are - It was a special job, it was a special job, and because there wasn't one there when they took the surface up.