Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Stourport High Street closure?

Here's an interesting one, someone appears to have been informing the stores in High Street that they shouldn't park in High Street on the night of the 21st because it will be closed.

Now there's been no notices (other than a 10mph restriction for a few months back), there's been nothing in the paper, nothing on the Worcestershire Hub and of course we've got the Bewdley High Street shut and traffic being diverted through... Stourport High Street.

[Okay how did I miss it on the weekly road reports, I swear it wasn't there this morning and now it is "New Street to Lickhill Road  (overnight works)" 21-22 April.]

As of this minute the WHub have no knowledge of this so is someone planning unauthorised works or is someone telling porkies and why?

[Okay so it didn't show up on the reports this morning, but now it does and the relevant departments know about it. So there's currently no signage up warning anyone, despite the fact that they're diverting the Bewdley traffic this way they're not sure how they're going to divert anything large trundling through Stourport and I'm curious as to whether firms like TNT etc. know about this?

As for notices in the paper, apparently it was and as it lasts 18 months it's still in play. Apparently we're talking a few weeks back but we'll see]

[The 10mph restriction notice went in on the 31/12/09 and the 3/12/09; for the A451 we've only had Mitton Street or Gilgal notices this year. While I realise that such orders are in effect for 18 months I am curious as to how anyone is expected to remember?]

[Okay would you look at that, a sign has just appeared at the beginning of  High Street informing us that the road will be closed between 7pm and 6am]