Monday, April 12, 2010

God of War III Trilogy

As mentioned the HD remastered God of War collection is to be released on the 30th along with the non-Pandora's Box trilogy. So with 18 days left to go can it be pre-ordered?

Amazon aren't advertising it, HMV aren't advertising it, Game aren't advertising it. In fact only Gamestation and Play have it listed. In fact those not listing it don't list the separate collection either.

Anyone would think they weren't advertising it in order to get people to buy both separately for more money than as one purchase; nah!

[Update.  And now I'm confused. Amazon are offering the I and II collection at £20.99 as released on the 30th; GoW3 is being offered now at £36.48 making a grand total of £57.47. They're also offered the Trilogy pack to be released on the 16th (?) at £64.99]