Friday, April 09, 2010

Gilgal roadworks and my bet

I'm not 100% sure what they're doing at Gilgal at the moment, but fair's fair I don't think they do either. As mentioned the lights were just being set-up at 9am this morning and are in place at the moment. It seems a 3-way system has been created as they've blocked off one lane of Baldwin Road except it's not being run.

Currently there's a workman standing at the splitter triangle waving traffic through towards the island and is doing so despite the light being red and despite the traffic coming from the island. Normally I'd applaud the fact that they're doing this manually rather than let the lights dictate who can travel past the non-existent workings, in this case there's a problem.

The lights from the island are set up in the road as you approach the Stour bridge, the bit where it gets narrower. So the only way to drive onward is around the lights themselves. Not a problem when there's nothing coming the other way, problem when the traffic is being ushered through regardless.

The result is a backlog of traffic to the island and up Hartlebury Road, as this traffic has right-of way on the island this in turn means that traffic on Worcester Road can't get out. Marvellous!