Friday, April 30, 2010

Choice headlines

Coming up from my Google side bar

"Britain's unhealthy teen girls 'likely to die young'" Healthy ones likely to be okay though.

"Dame Elizabeth Taylor weeps at sight of a bust of Richard Burton" His nose wasn't like that!

"Microsoft shelves Courier" Dear UPS. If you want him back send £20k in unmarked bills to...

"Case prompts mobile crackdown call" but is cancelled when they can't get a signal.

"Knife Attacks Plague Schools in China" China has Plague Schools and sentient knives?

"Belgium's burqa ban plans criticized" We thought you said Burger Van.

"Call of Duty Black Ops revealed - set for November 9 release" So only 193 days to go, start saving up.

"Kylie Minogue shows off her taut wrinkle-free face at charity gala" She found it one of those dusty little antique shops quite the bargain.

"Cheryl Cole: Sometimes I'm skanky " Sometimes?


Orphi said...

I love you Phil.


FlipC said...

Always happy to oblige.