Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Riverside Meadow supervision

Another tale from Jim. Having been on a cycle ride around the area they ended up at the ice cream place on the Riverside Meadows next to the skate-park. It was a nice day and busy and plenty of young kids were trying to use this area. I say trying because apparently they could only use a part of the skate-park as a group of older kids had commandeered an area to 'hang-out'.

I find this perfectly understandable as this is a prominent position to pose and be seen which a vital consideration for any young person, but it did cramp the style of those who wanted to use the area for the purposes for which it was built.

Do we have someone patrolling this area other than the PCSO's who can turf them out when it's obvious that others are trying to use it. Don't kick them off when it's deserted, it's not their fault someone has removed most of the benches, it's not their fault that a gazebo has been erected for them by someone who doesn't understand that the purpose is to be seen not hidden.

We just need some sensible supervision going on when it gets busy