Tuesday, April 06, 2010

No iPlayer icon on PS3 Slim

Finally managed to get my parents new PS3 slim hooked up to the internet, forgot there was an extra security feature on the router. Yet still no TV icon on the Xross Menu Bar and obviously no iPlayer icon beneath it.

This feature was added in version 3.0 of the system software and they had version 3.01 originally before I updated it to version 3.21 via USB stick and then connected to the 'net. A quick search reveals that you require a PSN login before it will appear. As they may want to rent movies from the Store it made sense to add one.

Still no TV icon, rebooted, powered off, installed a game, ran iPlayer in the browser window; still no icon.

Looks like I'll need to contact Sony; because this was one of the points I'd sold the console on.

[Update -From the PS3 support FAQ section is a response. My parent's model number CECH-2003B. OMG have they been duped into an import model? Nope 2003A is the 120Gb Slim PS3 2003B is the 250Gb Slim PS3. Consensus from the forums is that it can take a while to wake-up. Um it's software; is this a UK model - yes; is it a UK login - yes. Give me the damn icon.]