Saturday, September 19, 2009

Vale Road Closure

As mentioned Vale Road is now closed off and it is indeed both to and from Kidderminster. Usefully there are two signs up on the Minster Road incoming that inform that the through route to Stourport is closed; useful as they provide no information about what you're supposed to do about it.

Unfortunately they can't shut-down the incoming left-hand lane at the lights because people still want to turn left to the church so expect some sudden lane changes as the cones opposite hove into view. Diversions into Stourport head down the Worcester road Street then back down Lickhill Road; of course those in the know turn left before that into Lombard Street and cut off that entire lengthy corner. As such, and as mentioned, expect lengthy queues in Lickhill Road and some queuing in Lombard Street.

The lights themselves have been switched off in favour of a three-way set; so that's from Worcester Street across and left, Church across and right, then Minster Road left and right. Seem to work, just be careful on a couple of the turns as you go over the protected cabling.

Oh and the electronic sign on the Worcester Road heading to Brinton park is out - excellent.


Unknown said...

I followed a car this evening that came out of Worcester Rd and turned towards Stourport.

He went up Mitton St and then turned into Vale Rd because he was obviously heading for either Kiddermister or Bewdley.

Instead he would have been forced to go back down 'The Gil Gal' to whence he first came from.

I usually go up Vale Rd/Bewdley Rd to reach my house on Lickhill Lodge but this evening I went via Lion Hill, York St and straight across towards Moorhall Lane.

Met a ditherer coming out of New St turning down to the bridge. The bloke coming up Bridge St waved her out but she was wetting her knickers and looked on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

I wanted to get home before midnight so I just went across and left her still parked there wondering what to do.

BTW it's Worcester Street by the lights. Not Road.

Another BTW. The car that went up Vale Rd I didn't mind about anyway. Drivers of 09 reg Porsche Carerras get all they deserve.

FlipC said...

I try and avoid Moorhall Lane except when necessity dictates; although only just wide enough to support two vehicles some in wider cars still insist on using it and I'd like to keep my wing-mirrors.

The town island is a blunt pain; traffic from York Street cannot determine where traffic from Bridge Street is headed and traffic from York Street can't be bothered to indicate. Turn out of New Street because you expect the Bridge Street and York Street traffic to give way and get a screech of brakes and a rebuke and lesson learned. Get three cars approaching at once with only the New Street vehicle indicating a right-turn and the junction seizes up until someone takes the initiative.

Road now Street PITA street-names :-)

Incidentally I was reliably informed that the approach from the OGL island to Mitton Street was blocked off Friday night. This wasn't on the schedule unless someone took advantage to fix all that water outside the Steps. Resulted in my friend turning around heading back the way he came down Worcester Road and through Shrawley, slightly pissed off as you can imagine.