Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Shrawley way

Once again I'm reminded of why I dislike this route. In a standard Utility moment of "Hey why don't we...?" Enterprise have a lane closure with traffic lights close to Astley Gardens which is the only route (bar Dark Lane) to get to Shrawley.

Okay as mentioned on Monday the queue held me up at Holt Fleet; on Tuesday it pushed back to Holt Heath and today it was back to The Lenchford which meant trundling up that hill at 5mph. At least the traffic was moving so that was a blessing.

The junction at Holt Heath doesn't help as there are two junctions next to each other both left turns from the point of view of the main road. So if you're coming out the first junction and see a car indicating to turn left on the main road coming at you chances are they're not turning into your junction and you cannot therefore pull out. The rule is regardless of what any vehicle indicates it is doing you don't pull out. It's always been like this, but when you get extra traffic heading along it just pains.

Anyway as usual past the queue everything zoomed along. Down to the Holt Fleet bridge over the blind summit and round the right-hand bend as I meet a Land Rover type on the wrong side overtaking a bicycle. That's overtaking on a road with no overtaking lines, on a corner, on the approach to a narrow bridge, with a blind summit. But hey they're in a hurry so what else are they going to do.