Thursday, September 10, 2009

DVD watching

Had some spare time for once in the evenings lately so I've once again been slogging through stuff I haven't seen yet.

Final season of Battlestar Galactica i.e. 4.2: interesting twist on the ending, but still left way too many questions unanswered. Almost, but not quite, dull.

Doomsday: Not bad, nice home-grown product (shot in South Africa). Action-heavy, dialogue-light and a little wooden in places; but overall not bad.

Transporter 3: A tired series and hopefully the last one to be made. Once again Jason Statham manages to get into a fight that means removing his shirt; once again JS breaks his own rules; once again JS drives really well; blah, blah.

Planet Terror: A recommendation from the Artist. Schlok horror, but I was a little distracted by how many family members the director tried to cram in; oh and it should be an rule of film making that Quentin Tarantino should never be allowed in front of the camera. Fun, but not brilliant.

Then caught up on some recorded shows, a couple of Dispatches and Louis Theroux's as well as Veronica Mars now moved to 10:50 and 15:something. Glad my box still found them.

Currently as a special treat to myself I'm once again going through Sapphire and Steel, still as excellent as ever though I've mentally blocked a couple of the spottier performances from the accompanying cast.

I would comment on current TV broadcasting, but other than Victoria Mars, Reaper, and Mock the Week there really has been nothing worth watching, anyone would think we were running out the end of a scheduling season.


Dan H said...

After your recommendation, I got a friend to lend me some Sapphire and Steel, and I completely agree it is pretty good viewing, even if it is an incredibly silly collection of ghost stories. I think it wouldn't be nearly as good if Steel didn't have almost identical voice, character, and mannerisms to Avon from Blake's 7.

FlipC said...

Well I'm glad you enjoyed them. I agree sitting back the stories are a bit silly and there are some large plot-holes (mostly involving their telepathic abilities) I try to ignore; but what I enjoy most is the sheer quality of it.

To me it just shows that you don't need a bank-busting budget, edgy dialogue, or state-of-the-art special effects to produce something good; sure it can help, but the core has to be the main actors.

I watch shows today and too many of the main actors seem to lack any form of presence. They just feel like actors spouting lines; that the main focus is what is happening around them rather than what is happening to them or even what they are doing themselves.

I would suggest it's age galloping on, but every so often something sparkles and I think "Why can't all shows be like this?"