Monday, September 14, 2009

Gilgal knock-on effects

Pointed out by Jim this morning is the news that the in a spark of pure intelligence by our lords and masters the Droitwich Road from Ombersley is being shut-down for five days starting at the same time as the Gilgal shut-down.

I'll spell this out. Those who use Gilgal to get to the Worcester Road to get to Ombersley to continue to Droitwich would normally switch through to Shawley to Ombersley to Droitwich;  now they can't. So they'll be heading with all the rest of the diverted traffic into Kidderminster to get onto the Worcester Road to connect to the Droitwich Road along with all the other traffic that would normally carry on down the Worcester Road to Ombersley and turn there.


SteveS said...

Been following your thoughts on Gilgal closure the last few weeks, by comments on Shuttle web site Letters and found your blog recently. Have sent two letters to Shuttle this last week regarding Gilgow closure, neither have been published on web site. Also, given the feelings over the closure running quite high, I am surprised there has been no real news or letters in the Shuttle regarding this. No comments, quotes, nothing. Conspiracy theory? Or me being paranoid. By the way, do you know what happened to the petition? Can't find any news on that either. Keep up the good work.

FlipC said...

The Shuttle can take a while to print letters and then go mad and publish them three times :-).

As for Councillor comments the unofficial Word of God has it that as there's nowt they can do they're all keeping stum.

We did have one Conservative Councillor - "That's Conservative Councillor David Little criticising the Conservative controlled County Council folks - fight, fight, fight!"

The ICHC apparently set-up the meeting and the prospective Labour candidate for Lickhill Jenny Knowles has said she'd keep an eye on things.

So there have been some minor mentions mostly on the web, but nothing that the tech-illiterate would know about. No pamphlets, no newsletters as far as I know; and nothing appears to be emanating out of Kidderminster where all the traffic will be heading.

SteveS said...

Thanks for that. I do take back my comment on the Shuttle. My second letter was on the web site today, don't know what happened to the other one, but it would be out of date now. They have headlined it "Whatever happened to the Gilgal petition?" which was not my main gripe, I appreciate whoever started it for taking the time to do it. I would still like to know who it was handed to though.

FlipC said...

I thought that might have been you. Yes I agree the title is misleading in connection with the letter; though as a headline it might attract more attention and gain an answer with that in mind.

I have added a comment, your thoughts on it would be interesting to me.

SteveS said...

Read your comments and see your point, although I do still believe a "Lane Sign" somewhere around the bridge before you get to The Steps wouldn't hurt, far enough off road not to be a danger to large traffic. My original letter was posted the other day on the website, in a edited form, probably because it was out of date! It was in the Shuttle this week. The headline was "Pointless Petition", which reads even worse! Now I look like a right ungrateful idiot. Never mind. Also in the Shuttle was an article regarding the petition, I believe it was handed to the County Council by the traders in town, so that explains where it went. Although I don't think the article was posted on the website, so the first I new of this, was when it appeared in this weeks issue. Regarding your original subject, a workmate who sometimes gives me a lift to work or home lives out Droitwich way and that is exactly the problem he has. Its going to be a long day for him, getting to work and even worse getting home!

FlipC said...

Well I've always advocated a Burma Shave/haiku style signage as you approach Mitton Street -

Do You See
A Give Way Sign
Why Stop?

I only caught the printed paper yesterday and yes the story on the petition also caught me unaware, not on the site when I've been looking.

As for Droitwich, the five days may well be a benefit to me heading that way, anyway I've loaded up with petrol for my 7x distance run in the morning which amusingly will probably only take 2x the time.

FlipC said...

What did I tell you Steve - Whatever happened to the Gilgal petition on the 15th and Pointless Petition on the 17th. So relevant they published it twice.