Friday, September 18, 2009

The style of writing

As mentioned previously my handwriting has never been neat as such I try to compensate by avoiding cursive letters (joined up) as it purposefully slows me down. So here's a simple example of my F and numerals

As you can see I have two styles for my letter F- a flowing one I use when writing it at the start of a word and a straighter version when written alone (or at the start of a sequence of numerals) when written as part of a word I use the flowing version with a tighter loop. Oh and although not shown I will bar my zeros if part of a combined sequence of letters and numerals to distinguish it from the letter O.

Unlike Dan I end-bar my 1 but like him use both an open 4 and a barred 7. To an extent this is interesting as both he and I do tend to print most things and the default fonts tend to be closed and unbarred; then again print is precise and handwriting varies so it seems we've both come to the same conclusion about the best way to avoid confusion.

Again interesting that the default print of the numeral 0 is unbarred when used with the letter O- when compared side-by-side it's obvious, O0O00O00, but mixed ABC1ODEFG023FT requires some small pause to distinguish and this in turn can alter for various 'default' fonts 

Arial - 0O
Courier - 0O
Georgia - 0O
Helevetica - 0O
Times - 0O
Trebuchet - 0O
Verdana - 0O

Sprinkle those in some text such as serial numbers and fun can ensue.