Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Roadworks evil masterplan

"Hey why dont we...?" Was the phrase I used as part of my entry this morning on my journey to Shrawley as the sort of addle-brained thought that the utility companies might have voiced when they decided to dig up part of my route I'm using to avoid Gilgal.

So hot of the wires what have I just been told - someone's dug a f***ing hole on the Stourport Road just past the railway bridge and set up three-way lights. Now this isn't like me and a "Well if you do try and avoid things go by going that way"; this is the f***ing diversion route.

Just to repeat that - someone has dug up the road and set up traffic lights on a route that another set of roadworks is diverting traffic to.

Frickin' unbelievable.

[Update - Seems the masterplan is widespread as this letter in the Shuttle attests to  roadworks in the middle of Bewdley too. So from Stourport you can't get to Kidderminster along the correct diversion route now without hitting works and it appears you couldn't get through Bewdley either. All it needs is some council official in a top hat and twirling a moustache]


SteveS said...

Just got home after the refreshing walk, due to nobody going my way. I did suggest to someone we try driving the wrong way down Mitton Street, as I noticed on my walk home Monday, that its ok for a dumper truck to come out from by the Steps are try it. Without anybody stopping traffic at all. Great health and safety. Not. It was fun watching him dodge inbetween the cones when he saw a car coming towards him down Worcester Road. Anyway, my wife has just informed me about the three way lights in Kiddy. She had to go to the High School to pick up my daughter who wasn't well, knowing she would have to come home through Kiddy, but thinking she would be safe. But no, they got her that way as well! She wasn't best pleased. Feel another letter to the Shuttle coming on. Oh, too late, I have just been on Shuttle web site and people are already up in arms about it.

SteveS said...

Update on Kiddy lights. Apparently it was gas leak, so got to give them that one, although interested to hear about Bewdley Tuesday night. According to a Bewdley resident, it was a mess. They had tried to find alternative route because of Gilgal, to get to Worcester and back for work. Grid lock for a while because of, guess what? Roadworks in the town center!

Don B said...

And just to add to the general chaos the Ombersley to Droitwich road is also closed all week. So to get from Arley Kings to the M5 going north you currently have to go down to Holt Fleet and then south down the A449 to Warndon or down to Holt Fleet and then north up the A449 to Torton and then across to the A38 at Droitwich and up to Wychbold.

I had to go to Kidderminster last night for a meeting at 7.30pm Two lanes along Vale Road untl you reach Gilgal and then for 15 ft they close the Kidderminster lane without warning , or necessity, to merge the traffic turning up Worcester Street with the Minster Road traffic. I then had to queue from 100yards on the dual carriageway for 45 minutes to get through the traffic lights on the Stourport Road railway bridge. Needless to say I was very late for my meeting. I could easily have gone from Shrawley either up to Bewdley or over Holt Bridge.