Monday, September 21, 2009

A round about trip

Setting off quarter-an-hour earlier than normal repeating the mantra to turn left rather than my usual right; habit being what it is.

Straight through to Shrawley with only one slowish car, not slow enough to complain about though, straight through Holt Heath and then bam join the queue to get over the Holt Fleet bridge. We all trundle slowly through Fleet (hah) until I reach the Wharf at which point whoosh we're all off again; so probably a tractor. Straight through to Ombersley and left onto the A449 which has a lane closed off all along that section for um no idea no works no crew no vehicles - clever timing.

Turn at the Mitre Oak head up that way and have a mild heart attack as I pass a red Road Closed sign set in my direction; it's either talking about another road or it's a relic from another time because it was fine.

So my normal 2.5mile 15min trip became a 11.5mile trip taking 30min - Stourport crowded with traffic? Nah! If it wasn't for the fact that this route can have its problems, that it's narrow and twisty and not something to be enjoyed in the dark I might take this route in normally of a morning.