Thursday, September 24, 2009

Roadworks evil masterplan Take 2

Third reason to avoid Shrawley this morning. So build up of traffic, narrow and twisty; and on a morning like this all the mist coming off the fields - so much fun.

The roadworks just before Longmore Hill are from our bestest buddies Severn Trent (according to the sign), but being carried out by Enterprise rather than Balfour Beatty; go figure?

Minor queue over Holt Fleet, major queue to get into Ombersley. Also I didn't notice yesterday, but the Road Closed signs on the 4025 have been taken down.

As per Steve in the comments and from the Shuttle the roadworks in Kidderminster were a gas leak so yeah I too will give them that one.

Don reminds us that the Droitwich Road is still closed from Ombersley (though hopefully that should be re-opening soon) and his own fun getting past the gas-leak.

Okay so it was an emergency repair, but that's not a flashing light siren emergency; contractors had to be found, equipment hired, barriers put up. Did not one person think "Hey perhaps we should warn all this traffic we're sending down this way that we're doing this" As Don says "I could easily have gone from Shrawley either up to Bewdley or over Holt Bridge" but no-one knew until too late.

I'd also heard talk about works going on at the Birmingham Road but had no confirmation until the Shuttle popped in with Kidderminster motorists face more misery as a stretch of the road is reduced from a 70mph to a 10mph zone. So more slow-down in Kidderminster at a time when more traffic is being directed into it - excellent.